FTBS was established to help businesses improve their workflows, scale up and ultimately ramp up revenue by using information systems. 

History continues to show there’s power in the electronic transmission of information and our mission is to leverage that power to help businesses grow. 

We chose a name that constantly reminds us of our mission, just as fertilizer acts like a catalyst for a good harvest we believe our system deployments act as a catalyst for improved profits.  

Our core team is located in Lagos, Nigeria and is headed by Segun Sobulo. He is an IT consultant with over a decade of experience building information systems. Some of these include managing a technology operations team at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank located in New York City. He also has experience as a teaching assistant (leading lab sessions) at a premier university in the United States consistently ranked top 5 by US News for its computer science program. 

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.” - Steve Jobs